Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is being able to use technology and digital platforms with many different skills. It is being able to create, navigate, document, and understand how to get around technologies. Being digital literate is becoming a necessary skill to have as we continue to transition everything into a form of technology. Being digital literate means you are capable of using many different forms of technology and understand how to do it well. You are able to use many tools that technologies provide well and are able to do so by yourself.

Being digitally fluent means your skills dive even deeper into these technologies. You are able to create new forms of technologies for work, study, and play. It means you are able to move freely through digital platforms and are socially competent. Understanding the benefits but also the seriousness of using technologies. Using intelligence to create, evaluate, and make smart decisions understanding the skills needed to apply them to a digital platform. To be digital literate is to be able to understand how to use technology where being digital fluent means you are able to dive deeper with a better understanding of how the processes within the digital platform work.

We need to be teaching our students to be digitally literate. We need to teach them how to be successful using digital platforms because of how involved they are within the business world today. It would be a large disadvantage to not be digitally literate when so many people are becoming digitally fluent at a young age. When I was in elementary school, we started using computers more and more. I never liked them as much as other student but I wish I would have had more of an interest in them. I would like to be better off in the digital world because of all the advantages it creates and how much it is involved in the world around.

To be effective digital learners and leaders we need to teach our children and students the correct way to use these tools. We also need to make it very apparent of how these devices can and are being used. There are many people that don’t use them for the right reasons and we need to teach our children and students the importance of avoiding these people. In some situations it is going to be near impossible to avoid but teaching them the safety of using them can help keep them protected.


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