Making is Learning

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One of my favorite things that I read when I was reading “Centering on Essential Lenses” was when Bud Hunt talks about how making is learning. I agree because I am one of the people that learn when I am using my hands. I am a kinesthetic learner and I love learning with my hands. If you show me what you are teaching I might learn it but there is a chance that I might forget it by the next day. If I am provided the chance to actually do it, then there is a chance that I am going to learn it and it is going to stick with me.

I never thought of the word hacking as what I watched and read about this week. Logan LaPlante and Bud Hunt. I always thought it was a term that was used for someone that could get past a firewall or steal your information. Now that I know what the original definition is, I think we need more hacking in the world. We need to be teaching and allowing the next generation to take what we have and put their imprint on it. They have the potential to see something that we have looked at the same way for year in a different way. I think that we need to allow them to look at things from a different angle and not show them how they should look at it. If we have a child or student that sees an instrument or device and has an idea or new way to use it, we should listen to them. We can’t kill that curiosity in them or the originality that they have. Hacking old ideas could help them transform into better ideas and if we tell children that certain items should be used certain ways then that could diminish what could be a great new addition to an already great idea. I want to be able to allow my students to keep their creativity while still be able to stick to  the required material. I think there will be plenty of opportunities to allow them to be original and use their creativity.

I believe that Logan LaPlante really made a good point that he is not following the straight line that a typical school would be. I am questioning a parent taking their child from school, but he was very well spoken and seemed well educated. I believe that we need to get out of the standardized tests and allow students to pursue passions while also following the educational trajectory we are currently on. We might be able to see less resistance in the classroom if we are allowing students to pursue their passions and interests during the course of the school day. Below is Logan LaPlante’s video and I would ask you to watch it because he makes some interesting points.



4 thoughts on “Making is Learning

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing your commitment to creating classrooms where all students can thrive and learn. School isn’t always a great place for kinesthetic learners: so often, the message those students get is sit down, be still when they need to be moving and finding ways to make and do. It’s not hard to do things differently in the classroom so that all students can learn in the ways they need, but we do have to commit to teaching in different ways. I also like the metaphor of hacking and think it has a lot of potential to liberate us and our students!


    1. I am a kinesthetic learner and really want to help my future students who are going to be kinesthetic learners because I know how much school have overlooked them in the past. There are a lot more ways to help these learners and I’m excited to get started teaching and learning new and innovated ways to help them.


  2. I agree with you! I too am one of those people that needs to do or experience something if I really want to incorporate it into my life. Making is one of the best ways of learning.


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